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The speleo photo of the year

The caving club Aenigma for the sixth time already is organizing the photo contest THE SPELEO PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2011 to choose the year’s best photo on the caving theme. Every photographer who has taken any beautiful or interesting photos in the caves or speleological expeditions during the year 2011 is invited to participate [...]

The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest

The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest “We and Caves” finished. The main goal was to show the best pictures, which had been made in 2010 by speleologists and friends of the caves from the Balkan countries and the free participation – guests from all around the world. Speleo Club Prista – Ruse, Bulgaria was the organizer. [...]

The Results of the Lithuanian Photo Contest

Recently the photocontest The Speleo Photo of the Year 2010 held by Lithuanian caving club Aenigma has finished. 270 photos were submited by 31 photographer from various countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia, Iran, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. The winners were elected by the jury and internet voters. More about the results: http://www.speleo.lt/index.php?id=659 Regards, Laura [...]

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