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The new explorations of Athos Mt. – Greece

The second stage of the international project “Study of the caves of Mount Athos (Mount Athos) – Greece.” ended.  The same was initiated by the Bulgarian side and held under the patronage and with financial and material support of the European Federation of Speleology. The project team is composed Zhalov A. – Head,  V. Gyorev , Zh.Vlaykov(Bulgaria), L. Makrostergios, J. Oykonomidis, T. Komaditis and M.Karidas (Greece), I. [...]

Cerigo Speleological Project

The speleological program in the island of Kythera began in 2009 under the aegis of the Hellenic Speleological Society, Department of Northern Greece (H.S.S. D.oN.G.). The aim of this project was the localization, the recording, the exploration and the interdisciplinary study of the caves and any other cave- form of Kythera island, Greece. According to [...]

Spylia 2011

Trieste and Gorizia cavers returned from the field exploration in the mountains of Pindos (northwestern Greece). The expedition “Spylia 2011″ was organized by Club Alpinistico Triestino and Centro Ricerche Carsiche Seppenhofer di Gorizia with Studi Carsici AF Lindner di Ronchi dei Legionari (GO). The initiative was made possible thanks to financial support of the Municipality [...]

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