Spekul expeditions in Spain


This year Spekul caving club from Belgium had focused on two areas in Spain, Picos de Europa, and Cantabria. In Picos, they returned to Sima de la Cornisa (-1507m), and cleared the last question marks from the map, unfortunately without sinificant discovering. The bottom remained a sump. They decided to disequip the cave, (more than 2500m of rope!!), they will reconsider some galleries at -500m before “abandonding” the cave. They also tried to search for a possible higher entrance, and explored a new cave next to the camps kitchen to -300m. In Cantabria, the team continued exploration of Alto Tejuelo system, the cave is near to reach 100km in developement. Exploration will continue this november. original here

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  1. Posted October 13, 2010 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    Nice to see you are following our expeditions. Just one small remark: we tried to open up a higher entrance to increase the total denivellation.

    A virtual tour to the sump can be found here, enjoy:

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