Lukina Jama 2010


Speleological expedition, “Lukina Jama 2010″ which was heldĀ  from 24.07.-15.08. 2010. was organized in cooperation with the National Park Northern Velebit, Speleological Section Velebit Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association with the logistical support of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. The expedition was attended by hundreds of cavers from 13 Croatian Speleological Association, and colleagues from Bulgaria, England, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Spain. This was one of the most challenging expeditions this year in Europe, given the logistics and transport large quantities of equipment to the bottom of the cave in conditions of low temperature and significant water activities. With cave diving actions at the bottom of the cave, the new depth of the cave is now -1421m!

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