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Matka Vrelo – New Record

Last week the international team lead by Gigi Casati broke the record in Matka Vrelo cave, and reached a depth of -212m underwater! The team consisted of macedonians, belgians,  greeks, and italians.You can find more information, and diary of the expedition on their site.

Prokletije update

The ten italian cavers busy beetween the 3 and the 23 of July in the Prokletije mountains in Montenegro near the Albanian border are back. This year 45 new entrances were discovered, 9 in exploration, 12 must be explored interly and the rest is already surveyed. The Grotta dei Liberi is passed from -313 to [...]

IVth Balkan Camp

The fourth Balkan Camp organized by the Balkan Speleological Union in Padis, Romania,  ended with success.  Hundred of cavers meeted from nearly all the countries of balkans, with participiants from Hungary and Poland, too. The participants visited some of the most famous caves in the area, and saturday had a giant rescue traning in Cetate [...]

Lovettecannas explo

A group of eight italian cavers explored one kilometer of new gallerie in Grotta Lovettecannas in Sardegna, during a 15 hour sporting trip this weekend. They discovered a gigantic chamber named after their friend who left, Salone MARCO MATTU. They discoverd a pit deeper than 100 meter, which will probably make this cave the deepest [...]

Grotta dei Liberi -500m

Preliminary expedition information from Belic, Lepinia site. An Italian interclub expedition with spanish cavers pushed Grotta di Leberi to 500m of depth, from last years -325m limit.  Also other prospecting entrances were found. The cave is located in Belic plateau, Prokletije mountains, Montenegro. The international / interclub camp which is located at 2000m asl altitude, [...]

Recent discoveries in Munizaba

Here you can read about the latest results from Velebit, Munizaba cave (Croatia).  During the eight-day stay in Munižaba between 19-27.6.2010, the PDS Velebit team surveyed 1184 m of new passages (954 m horizontal).  The new total length of the cave is 8479 m.

Fall factor 1

Here you can see the effect of a fall of factor 1 on a rope, when using ascenders.

Caver dolls

On espeleo you can read a nice article about caver figure dolls from Madelman. It is quite interesting that these dolls exists from the 1970s years, and still manufactured in this decade.

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