Monthly Archives: February 2010

Mesacny Tien – the longest cave in Tatra

Between January 22 and 25, a group of slovak cavers visited Mesacny Tien cave in Tatra mountains.  With the 900m of surveyed new parts, the length of the cave reached 24,1km, and surpassed the length of polish cave Wielka Snieźna, becoming the longest one in the Tatra. When the group descended to the 1st Bivouac [...]


The 21st January 2010 was finished caving expedition PROJECT MT.KANIN -2000M. The main interest for cavers from six countries (CZ, SK, SLO, GB, HR, PL) represented again the cave Skalarjevo brezno. The main goal was to survey new passages in Sleeping dragon (Black meander and Gallery of Three) in the lenght 300m which were discovered [...]

Croatian – Bulgarian expedition in Biokovo

Between 2009 october 1 and 10, a group of croatian and bulgarian cavers had and expedition in Biokovo mountains. They discovered 10 new caves, and made the survey in seven of the new ones. The deepest cave is -237m namely jama Zara. See more info here

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