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2nd expedition 2009 by CAVEX to Voronia

Between October 26 and November 11, 15 cavers led by russian CAVEX visited the worlds deepest cave, Krubera-Voronia, to continue enlarging a fissure at around -1950m, which would bypass the Kvitocka sifon (20m,-4m). Now only a few are missing to accomplish this task, and it will make more easier to carry equipement for diving in [...]


100 YEARS ANNIVERSARY OF THE ORGANISED HUNGARIAN SPELEOLOGY speleohungary100 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 7-9. May 2010 Magyar Karszt- és Barlangkutató Társulat Hungarian Speleological Society Ungarische Gesellschaft für Karst- und Höhlenforschung Pusztaszeri út 35. H-1025 Budapest Hungary/Ungarn Tel.: 36-1-346 0494; tel./fax: 36-1-346 0495 E-mail: MORE INFO

The first minus thousand in Germany

In 2008 explorations lead by ARGE team lead to the discovery of the first minus 1000m deep cave in Germany, Riesending-Schachthöhle (Untersberg / Berchtesgarden), which is -1059m deep and more than 10km long. Know you can find the survey and the wonderful pictures of Wolfgang Zillig at espelobloc .

15th Anniversary at is now 15 years online. The first descriptions of caves and the collection of useful information was made around 1990 by Jochen Duckeck, first for the new show caves in eastern Germany, which became accessible after the border was opend in November 1989. The first idea to publish a guidebook was never realized: printing [...]

Report of STJ KW Krakow: Kanin 2009 expedition

From 10 to 28 August, in the Slovenian Kanin massif, 10 persons worked from STJ KW – Krakow. The main objective was to continue the activities in the cave BC10. This cave is a great opportunity, to make a connection to the system Polska Jama – Mala Boka. It would become the second top entrance [...]

The Proceedings of of the 15th International Congress of Speleology

The Proceedings of of the 15th International Congress of Speleology are now available at–BrowseResources.php?ParentId=367 The proceedings are currently posted as PDF files, as they were printed in three large volumes. The PDFs are thus large, 11, 16, and 18 Mb for volumes 1, 2, and 3. The Table of Contents is in Volume 1. [...]

The photos of Stephen Alvarez

The underground photos & videos from Stephen Alvarez from espeleobloc.

France – controversy over a cave rescue in Scialet des Chuats

A cave explorer stuck behind a half-syphone which closed by rising water in Scialet des Chuats, France, Drôme, at the depth of -250m. The rescue lasted for around two days, between 23 and 25 of October. The action involved 54 members of SSF (Spéléo-secours Français), the franch cave rescue. Also cave divers supported the rescue.  [...]

Extreme caution advised for anchors in tropical, marine areas

Disturbed by recent accidents caused by fixed anchors that failed, the UIAA is warning climbers to be extremely vigiliant in checking for corrosion on anchors in tropical, marine environments. Early results from a study prompted by the accidents are startling. Among fixed anchors in tropical, marine locales examined for far, 10 to 20 percent would [...]

Polish exploration in Albania

A group of polish cavers visited the alpine karst of Albania for the fifth time. Traditionally the period of the expedition was 15 to 31 August, and, as in previous years, the weather was good. This year their goal was a plateau located between the peaks of Maja Ismael Sali Brucaj (2527 m) and Maja Cet Harushes (2421 m). An [...]

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