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Hidden Earth 2009

Hidden Earth 2009 Hidden Earth is the UK’s annual caving conference, hosted by the British Cave Research Association and the British Caving Association for the benefit of all cavers. Hidden Earth 2009 will be held from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 September 2009 at Churchill Community School in North Somerset. The village of Churchill is [...]

International Caving Expedition “Maja Arapit’2009″ – Albania

During the expedition was surveyed 1313 м. of new passages. Over 0,5 km of old passage was remmaped. The actual length of the cave Maja Arapit (after this expedition)  grow from 1224 m to   2537 m. The depth is 243 m where the highest point is + 217 and the lowest one is – 26 [...]

CAVEX expedition in Krubera-Voronja

The CAVEX expedition ended in Western Caucasus, Krubera cave. It was held from 2009 July 12 to Aug 5, and composed of 24 cavers from spain and russia. For the upcoming expeditions, they prepared the ground (rigging,camps,etc..), and worked to enlarge a bypass of Kvitochka siphon (-1980m), which is currently not possible to pass by [...]

Spain – Sistema del Mortillano extended to 114 km

On Monday August 10, 2009 was achieved something that few years ago would have seemed utopian: to make the Mortillano system became more developed cave in Spain. 114 km of galleries and 950 meters deep (and growing …) are the result of nearly five decades of work with people from many different clubs and venues. [...]

Italian discovery in the Dolomites

News of Francesco Sauro The night between 22 and 23 August 2009, four speleogist (Salogni Marco, Mauro Bordin, Omar Dog, Francesco Sauro) have finally achieved the much desired junction between the PE10 (23 km, -971) and Grotta Isabella (5 km , -340) in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. At the junction have worked [...]

British exploration in Picos de Europa

You can read a quite fancy article about british exploration in Asopladeru la Texa cave system with the beautifoul pictures of Robbie Shone. The expedition was held by Oxford University Caving Club (OUCC) in Picos de Europa, Spain. See the article here…

Expedition Pozo Azul 2009

The exploration work was focused on the “2nd Sump”, where in May last year the end of the line was left at 4.020m /-41m from 2nd sump base by the german divers Reinhard Buchaly and Markus Schieritz. This 2009 expedition had three exploration pushes. The first one, on July 17, by cave divers John Volanthen [...]

Kacna Jama 2009

An international expedition of 31 czech and 9 hungarian cavers discovered approximately 1km of new passage in Kacna Jama, Slovenia. The new parts were discovered by diving in the final part of the cave, which was a quite complicated task, because the materials had to be transported trough the 200m deep entrance pitch, and after [...]

Explo 2009 – Durmitor

Belgian group of cavers explored Bandijerna cave in Durmitor, Montenegro in two-week expedition. A new cave was also found named ‘Internal Flysch’ which is currently -400m, and going… some cavers are still working on exploration. More here…

British cavers explore a new -553 m deep cave in Crete

British cavers of Sheffield University Speleology Society (SUSS) pushes Colossus Cave in Crete to -553m. They started working in the are in 2005 and since then they discovered 350 new caves, in Mavri Laki region of the island’s White Mountains. Now they extended their discoveries in Colossus cave from -230m to -553m in an expedition [...]

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